Useful Information

Our copper products are manufactured by the highest quality producers the world has to offer. Our extensive stock range includes a variety of grades from oxygen free through to ETP copper and free machining grades. The combination of the alloy range and the huge variety of round bar, flat bar, sheet, plate, and tube mean our stocks are unmatched within the industry.

Whilst copper itself is a mid-strength, ductile material, it also offers a good corrosion resistance, excellent electrical and thermal conductivities and good fabrication properties. This combination of properties, together with the possibility of small alloying additions improving the strength and machinability, make copper a very versatile and desirable material for many industrial and commercial applications.

The bulk of our copper product is used as busbars for switchgear or in the power generation, electrical, or telecommunication industries due to its high conductivity levels. However, it is also ideal for the production of valve and pipe fittings, chemical process equipment, architectural fittings and extrusions, electronic circuit boards, cookware, and various bio-medical applications.

Holme Dodsworth Copper is sourced from the highest quality producers the world has to offer. Our range of alloys and forms is unmatched throughout the industry and we are able to offer excellent prices and lead times on all of our copper products.

Our Copper is used widely in electrical, power generation, telecommunications, construction, automotive and a whole host of other applications around the globe.

Over the next section you will see a huge range of alloys and sizes that we can provide either from stock or on exceptionally good lead times from our mills.

If, however you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to
contact our sales team who will be happy to hear from you and address your requirements accordingly.