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When selecting metal products for manufacturing processes, marine applications can present a specific set of challenges. Saltwater environments create an electrochemical reaction which will degrade many common materials (corroding metal up to five times more rapidly than fresh water) whilst the damp, salty air that is present near seas and oceans can corrode metals at 10 times the rate that would be expected at inland locations.

Holme Dodsworth can advise upon the best metal grades to provide the maximum durability and optimum performance levels in tough marine environments.

Our steel is widely used in shipbuilding with stainless steel being a common choice for propellors and propellor shafts where corrosion resistance and achieving the longest possible service life are critical.

With its exceptional resistance to saltwater corrosion and formability, brass is also a primary material for marine applications including fasteners, motor components, shafts and pumps.

Aluminium is a comparatively lightweight material offering excellent longevity and strength, making it ideal for ship and boat building as well as a broad range of other marine applications. The addition of other alloys such as silicon, chromium or magnesium enhances the anti-corrosive properties of this popular metal.

What it lacks in strength, copper makes up for in corrosion resistance and ductility. It is also highly resistant to attack from marine organisms such as algae and barnacles. It is widely used in production of valves, tubes, water lines and desalination equipment.

A primary marine material, bronze has the advantage of low oxidation rates at high temperatures and is resistant to both corrosion and tarnishing. Like copper, it also withstands “biofouling” from organisms including algae and mussels. Aluminium bronze has a high level of corrosion resistance and impact strength - properties which make it a common choice for marine environments.

We also stock a wide selection of additional marine grade materials.

An expansive range of metals and alloys is available in many different forms and sizes, ready for rapid despatch to any part of the UK via our nationwide network of branches.