Useful Information

Aluminium and its alloys are recognised as the most widely used of all the non-ferrous materials due to their unique combination of cost versus strength to weight ratio. However, a very good corrosion resistance, high conductivity, and a good machinability and workability combine to make aluminium and its alloys an important material for both general and high performance engineering, as well as aerospace, automotive, structural, and decorative applications.

We stock a huge range of aluminium products from basic round and flat bar to sheet, plate and section, to more complex extrusions. These forms are held in a variety of grades, from the standard higher purity alloys, to the more complex grades with additions of magnesium manganese, silicon, tin, and copper that offer increased strength or machinability. The extruded shapes are generally manufactured to customer specifications and tolerances, to be held in stock for customer call off.

Holme Dodsworth Metals stock a full range of aluminium products from basic round bar to complex extrusions. We are able of course, to work to specific customer requirements should you have any.

Aluminium is the most widely used of the non-ferrous metals in the world; this is mainly due to its unique combination of properties. It is lightweight with excellent strength and elasticity. It also has excellent corrosion resistance and conductivity.

Another attractive property of aluminium is its ability to be recycled easily and cost effectively. It is a critical metal for the aerospace industry due also to its large range of properties not found together in other metals.

Holme Dodsworth Metals has as wides range of forms and sizes in aluminium and we are a key supplier to many industries. If you have a specific requirement for this product please contact us as we would be happy to discuss your requirements in greater detail.