Useful Information

Essentially an alloy of copper and zinc, the brasses are the most commonly used of all the copper based alloys and are available in a huge range of grades, forms and sizes. Small additions of other elements are used to enhance certain material properties. Elements such as lead, tin, manganese, aluminium, and silicon enhance the machinability, corrosion resistance or strength of individual grades while properties such as ductility and cold formability can be improved by lowering the alloying elements or by decreasing the zinc content. This wide variety of properties ensure that the brasses can be utilised in automotive, aerospace, marine, naval, chemical, electrical, and plumbing industries.

Our brass product range is vast, not just by grade but also by form and size range. Typical grades stocked include free machining brass, naval brass, high-tensile brass, riveting brass, stamping brass, low-lead brass, and dezincification-resistant brass. Further to this, if you need a non-standard brass or size, we can also source for you from our global supply chain.

Holme Dodsworth Brass is exceptional in all areas, quality, lead time and price.  We offer the widest range of alloys, sizes and forms in the marketplace and are able to supply directly from a group stock which exceeds all of our competitors.

Alternatively, if we do not have your desired brass product ex-stock we are able to procure bespoke material in the shortest lead times the industry can offer.

The following section details our huge stock of alloys and sizes which we are confident is the most comprehensive in the UK. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team who are waiting to be of assistance.