Brass Sheet

Uncover the versatility of our Brass Sheet, available in metric and imperial sizes for immediate supply. With a wide stock range and quick turnaround, these sheets are ideal for both industrial and decorative applications.

Versatile Applications

These sheets are extensively used in electrical components, hinges, door kicker plates, and even kitchen work surfaces. With good workability, resistance to corrosion and affordability, brass is also an attractive choice for design projects.

Precision Cutting with In-House Guillotines

Our Edward Pearson guillotines ensure accurate cutting of Brass Sheets to specific sizes and close tolerances to a maximum width or length of 3200mm. Benefit from the convenience of our in-house processing, whether you require sheets to be cut or purchased from our extensive stock.

We source and supply Brass Sheet from quality global mills. Please review our extensive stock, available in various grades: CZ108/CW508L, CZ112, C46400, CZ106 and CZ120

We supply a wide selection of brass sheet and plate in standard sizes of up to 2 x 1 metres with non-standard sizes available upon request. Thicknesses are available in both imperial and metric measurements ranging from 0.315mm (30 swg) to 101.6mm (4”).

Brass sheet is resilient, long lasting, corrosion resistant material. Combined with a superior finish these properties make this product perfect for tough but decorative applications such as door plates, brackets, braces and a range of domestic interior fittings and decorative items. Its comparatively low cost means that it is highly suited to the craft market.

Brass sheet is also ideal for cold working being easy to weld or solder, machine, cut, drill or punch.

You can save time and waste by utilising our fast, efficient, cutting service to get your materials delivered at the optimum size for your production process. We also offer the option of polishing for customers who require products for the decorative applications.

Thickness 1.2m x 0.6m 2m x 1m Weight per square metre
Imperial Metric Weight per sheet in Kg
1/4" 6.35 40.84 110 55
3/16" 4.77 30.61 82.40 41
10 swg 3.251 20.90 56.225 28
12 swg 2.642 16.98 46 23
13 swg 2.337 15.05 40.43 20
14 swg 2.032 13.05 35.2 17.6
16 swg 1.626 10.46 28.13 14
18 swg 1.218 7.85 21.07 10.50
20 swg .914 5.88 15.81 7.70
21 swg .813 5.23 14.06 7.03
22 swg .711 4.57 12.30 6.15
24 swg .559 3.60 9.66 4.83
26 swg .457   7.9 3.95
28 swg .376   6.5 3.25
30 swg .315   5.44 2.7

Sheet cut to size by our in-house guillotine and plate saws. Polishing service available. Other non-standard sizes available upon request.