Aluminium Bronze

Aluminium bronze is a copper alloy that contains up to 12% aluminium, as well as nickel, iron, silicon, and manganese. It comes in both cast and wrought forms, and has several beneficial properties that make it a popular choice for a wide range of industrial applications.

One of the main advantages of aluminium bronze is its high strength, which is greater than that of materials like tin bronze or brass. In addition, it has superior corrosion resistance thanks to a tough coating of protective alumina (Al2O3), which makes it ideal for marine applications. It also has low rates of oxidation when exposed to high temperatures, and low levels of reactivity with sulphurous compounds or other exhaust gases produced by combustion.

Some common applications of aluminium bronze include propellers, pumps, fasteners, valves, heat exchangers, bearings, and pipe fittings. Its biostatic properties, which prevent seawater organisms from colonising its surface, also make it a superior choice to non-cupric metals like stainless steel for marine applications.