Useful Information

We hold stocks of three main types of bronze; aluminium bronze, phosphor bronze, and leaded bronze. These offer different physical and mechanical advantages and are available in different forms according to grade and manufacturing technique.

Despite their name, the phosphor bronzes are essentially alloys of copper and tin and are generally utilised for their wear resistance, corrosion resistance, medium strength, and their traditional bronze colouration. They can be offered in wrought grades as round, hexagon, flat, square, sheet and plate. While our leaded gunmetal with its ease of casting, good strength and corrosion resistance is offered in round bar and thick-walled tube.

The aluminium bronzes though are alloys of copper and aluminium together with varying amounts of nickel and iron. These are generally stronger and more corrosion resistant than the phosphor bronzes. They offer better wear resistance under heavier loads and a good formability, machinability and weldability. More of a golden bronze colour, these are mainly stocked in round, hexagon and plate.

Holme Dodsworth Bronze is sourced from the highest quality producers the world has to offer. Our range of alloys and forms is unmatched throughout the industry. We are able to offer excellent prices and lead times.

Our Bronze is widely used in the following industries: electrical, marine, general engineering and in the production of bearings and bushes.

Holme Dodsworth stock a varied range of Bronzes including Round Bar, Hollow Bar, Rods. Hexagon Bar, Sheet & Plate and Square Bar.

If, however, you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact our sales team who will be happy to hear from you and address your requirements accordingly.