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Power Generation

Holme Dodsworth has an extensive range of metals suitable for the power generation industry. Our comprehensive selection, combined with our metallurgical knowledge and ability to supply materials quickly and efficiently to any part of the UK ensures that we can comfortably meet the demands of the power and utilities sector.

One of the primary metals used in power generation applications is stainless steel. Its high strength to weight ratio combined with good formability is a key advantage but it is the exceptional level of corrosion resistance that make this material indispensable for many of the power industry’s more challenging environments. The nature of the energy sector dictates that many power plants are located at coastal or undersea sites so corrosion and wear and tear are major considerations.

Stainless steel is produced using a process called passivation which creates a layer of chromium oxide on the metal’s surface. As well as preventing corrosion, this surface is actually able to “self-repair” scratches and minor abrasions.

We stock stainless steel in a wide selection of grades including the non-magnetic austenitic grades, magnetic martensitic grades, specialist precipitation hardening, duplex, nickel-based, and super duplex alloys. A vast range of sizes is available in round, flat, hexagon or sheet form.

Copper is also widely used in the power generation sector. Its flexibility, corrosion resistance and superior conductivity make it ideal for a wide range of applications such as wiring and electrical  components such as busbars for switchgear.

Holme Dodsworth offers an immense selection of copper and copper alloys and sizes, either carried in stock or supplied on exceptionally good lead times from our mills. Our comprehensive range of products includes copper round/wire, square, flat, tube, sheet or plate, as well as copper connectors.

Brass too has excellent conductivity but with added strength, low friction, and good machinability making it suitable for multiple applications in the energy generation industry - uses include valves, pumps and heat exchangers.

We also stock a wide range of other metals including titanium and nickel alloys - providing high strength, corrosion resistance, and excellent performance at high temperatures.

Materials are available for rapid delivery to any part of the UK and we offer a comprehensive range of finishing services such as bar and plate cutting, precision grinding, slitting, machining, polishing, and coating of alloys.

Our expert sales team is always on hand to advise you on the best product for your specific power generation requirements.